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Volume 1, Issue 1, July 28, 2020

Centering Prayer

What in the world is Centering Prayer anyway?
Its not an uncommon question and one I often enjoy answering this way. Centering prayer is simply a method of stilling your inner self, so that you might be more present to God now.

I know that sounds simplistic, however each of those words in the above sentence really mean something. So let’s see, shall we: Centering refers to learning how to be as still in your mind as you can make your body be on the outside. Prayer is so many things, but really for me prayer means little talks with God, mostly in which I talk and God listens. When I add centering to it, it becomes a reverse situation. Then, I am learning how to BE STILL NOW, so that God can “talk” with me.

Its rather fun really to learn to be still and silent for a few minutes (the standard practice is 20 minutes at a time). If you join me on Thursdays its a little lesson from me and 10 minutes of practicing silently being with God.

There is all kinds of help on the internet about Centering Prayer. Thomas Keating, and his Contemplative Outreach organization is the best and Basil Pennington’s book entitled Centered Living” is the one I learned on.

There’s a world more to say as you’ll see if you go online and look. Here’s to a deeper sense of silence and being loved by God!
A thousand blessings!
Reverend Liz

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