Rooted in Tradition

In 1902, St. Peter’s was recognized by the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi as an organized mission. On  January 21, 1921, St. Peter’s became a parish. Throughout its life, St. Peter’s by-the-Sea has
been involved in the community: from opening its parish hall to Gulfport Little Theater productions in the 1930’s, to feeding the hungry during the Depression and becoming a headquarters for the distribution of information and relief after Hurricane Camille in 1969.

After recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Camille, St. Peter’s continued to grow and prosper throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. On June 26, 2000, St. Peter’s by-the-Sea consecrated the Gothic style building at our present address on Beach Drive.

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast and destroyed the church building. However, the people of St. Peter’s by-the-Sea remained united, worshiping at Handsboro Presbyterian Church in Gulfport. Today, we are back in our beloved church “by-the-sea”. We are a community of hope and faith committed to a ministry in downtown Gulfport and we look with confidence to the next 100 years of mission and ministry!

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