Our Stewardship campaign has begun! Photographer Heather Phillips composed our cards for 2020.

My connection with St. Peter’s was instant. Like a Polaroid. It shook me up. (Also like a Polaroid) And when I thought of giving, I thought of what giving looked like to me. Giving communion, giving hugs, giving a handshake, giving time at camp able, giving blessings, giving moments, giving instructions, giving love. Things that happen in an instant but linger around like smoke from incense. I can leave the sometimes black and white, drab ways of the world and enter the red doors and find all of the color and light and joy I need. Giving comes easy when it’s a contribution to something like what St. Peter’s is working so hard to accomplish.

Heather Rafferty Phillips on her inspiration

Pledge cards are available now. Or, you can make your pledge on-line here.

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