Thank You-charist for the Needle, Fiber and Artist Guilds, Book Club, Writers and The Key

Date: 11/21/2020
Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Location: St. Peter's by-the-Sea

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and I have filled him with divine spirit,  with ability, intelligence, and knowledge in every kind of craft, to devise artistic designs, to work in old, silver, and bronze, in cutting stones for setting, and in carving wood, in every kind of craft.”  Exodus 31:3-5 NRSV

Join us as we give thanks for all of the talent we have been blessed with and those that

St. Peter’s by-the-Sea is blessed with a plethora of creative congregants, each expressing themselves in a variety of mediums. From photographers to painters, wood workers, fiber artists and sculptors, the artists of our church are always at the ready to lend their talent where ever it is needed.
Visual expressions to help facilitate worship have always been a part of our church life, perhaps playing a role almost as big as music.
Our vision for 2020 was to engage our congregation in more of the liturgical arts through a series of workshops throughout the year. Creating a rosary, a mosaic labyrinth or cruciform, block prints for paper or fabric. Maybe the history of Byzantine Iconography interests you… our future is as bright as the colors of an artist’s palette and the possibilities are limitless.   Contact: Gail Hendrickson  []

Our Needle Craft Guild provides beautifully handcrafted Prayer Shawls, Baby Blankets and embroidered Baptismal Towels for members of our congregation needing comfort or welcoming a newborn. Upon blessing, prayer shawls are distributed to those recovering from illness; baby blankets to the parents, or grandparents, of a new addition to the family. Baptismal towels hand embroidered by members are provided for Father Patrick’s use at baptism and given as a beautiful keepsake to the newly baptized.  Contacts      Judy Ownby []    or  Sue Cassady[]

Lonnie and Fran Burch are adding to the needle craft with a sewing ministry. The goal is to put the crafting talents of our parish to work by making simple clothing for children in need, for making warm blankets for those in need, and whatever service we can find to fulfill. By proving sewing machines to not only teach sewing, quilting and crafting, they can help you learn your machine, too.
Contact Lonnie Burch   []

For the past thirteen years, the Book Club has been meeting to share the joy of discussing books. Meet on the first Thursday of the month, unless a holiday interferes with that schedule, they gather from 10 am until noon in the parlor and then, those who are able, meet for lunch at a restaurant of our choice. We enjoy light refreshments, fellowship and interesting books—religious, humorous, historical, nonfiction and light fiction.    Contact: Judy Ownbey  []

The Key is St. Peter’s by-the-Sea’s monthly newsletter, and more recently, the weekly Traveling Mercies, delivering Father Patrick’s monthly articles, and the latest on what’s happening parish-wide from the Book Club to Kid’s quotes, to special events. Keeping in touch during these times of keeping our distance has been a priority. The latest can be downloaded from our website and clicking on the Traveling Mercies link in the right hand column.

“Content is Key” is heard a lot these days as part of our information delivery lingo.
Would you like to write an article about our church history?
How about a more in-depth article about any of our ministries ?
Get creative with your content and keep our congregants current !

Contact: Ajia Wood  []   or  Gail Hendrickson []



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