Sunday June 14th Worship Service

Date: 06/14/2020
Time: 10:30 am - 11:45 am
Location: St. Peter's by-the-Sea

tags: Enriching Our Worship, Secular Music, Sunday Service

Enriching Our Worship (A supplement to BCP utilizing more modern language) Secular Musical Selections from our Music Masses including John Prine, the Beatles, Beach Boys and more*

Please be aware of the Safe Worship guidelines St. Peter’s will be implementing while we transition to full capacity.

*Musical offerings will include instrumentals or soloists.
Congregational and choral singing is discouraged as this could spread as much a cough or sneeze, for a prolonged period of time. Enjoy our soloists or feel free to hum along ! And remember…
The Lord hears the praises in your heart as well as those on your lips.

Who's Coming:
  • Diane and Tommy Poirer
  • Ann Milsted
  • Sandra Dowdle
  • Cecily Cummings, Michael and Mirabella Mucha
  • Clark Bearden and Michael Sumner
  • Michael Ward
  • Amanda and Barry Knesal, Knox Craft, Renn Knesal
  • Courtney, Jared and Finley Black
  • Dunny and Vanean Green
  • Sherri Bevis and Darren Smith
  • Lisa and Johnny Kersanac
  • Debbie Daughtrey
  • Roland Woodruff and Michael Wilkes
  • Amy Ashley
  • Phillip Teague and Bethany White
  • Jack Watson
  • Mellody and Steven Jenkins
  • Ida Henley
  • Libby Koch
  • Lloyd and Jeanie Munn
  • Brittany Stevison +1
  • Brian Casey

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