12 Crafts of Christmas – Day #11, Sock Snowmen

Day 11 Craft: Sock Snowmen

While we rarely see any snow, even on the Gulf Coast, by the Sea, we have some chilly days.

It’s not uncommon to see folks bundled up like they’re heading North, yet donning a pair of flip-flops !

Here’s a fun craft to do on a chilly afternoon, putting those unused socks to work.

The Eleven Faithful Disciples

Making the Sock Snowmen

 What you will need:

~ Socks
~ Rice
~ Twine, Rubber bands
~ Felt
~ Googlie eyes
~ Pom poms
~ Pipe Cleaners
~ Glue

Cut the toe part off othe socks (this will be your snowman’s hat) then turn the socks inside-out.


Use you twine to tie the end as tightly as possible then turn rightside-out.

Begin to your socks with rice. Allow your sock to stretch out into a rounded shape. This is the snowman’s body.
Fill some more, for the head and tightly tie the top closed.

Shape your body and head and use a rubber band to make a “neck”.

Cut some strips to make the scarf and wrap around the neck.

Turn the open part of the toe up to form a hat band then slip onto your snowman’s head.

Cut smiling mouths and tiny buttons from felt.
Glue the googlie eyes, mouth, buttons and pom poms to the snowmen.

To make the arms, cut your pipe cleaner into 4 equal pieces. Twist around each other to make a branch then carefully poke the end into the sock.

Sock Snowmen !


Day 12 

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